Neptune 3D


Neptune 3D is a 3D real-time engine designed primarily for rendering on several types of screens, from simple one-monitor configurations to auto-stereoscopic screens and immersive multi-display environments. It is based on a scene graph to represent the rendered scene and the display pipeline. Rendering on multiple screens is just a matter of creating additional graph nodes to describe the characteristics of the additional viewports.

Neptune 3D is still under heavy development, but can already render realistic nature scenes. This engine has been the framework for my research work as a PhD. You can have more information about research on my personal webpage.

Grass rendering

Progress of the new website construction !

Nov 22, 2007

The old construction webpage has been there for a while. At last, I restarted working on the website. It will take me a couple of days to add the main information on it.

During that time, you can still visit my old pages about my research work (not updated since about a year but updates are coming soon).